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Rangoli Designs: It’s believed that rangoli designs started many centuries ago. Some references of rangoli designs are also available in our scriptures. The art of rangoli has changed and recharged over many centuries. Rangoli goes by various names in many parts of India. diwali rangoli designs for youtube If you enter any Hindu house in India, you are bound to be welcomed by a rangoli design which is normally drawn with chalk powder or limestone powder on the floor. Happy Diwali messages in Marathi Traditionally rice flour was used to create rangoli designs since it can act as a food source for tiny insects and birds.diwali rangoli designs photos Easy rangoli designs are used in almost all kinds of hindu religious occasions, festivals, weddings and so on. It’s believed that rangolis ward off evil spirits from homes. So try one of these easy  diwali rangoli designs today. diwali rangoli design download Here we can also see more about.diwali rangoli designs with peacockhappy diwali rangoli designs wallpapers , latest diwali rangoli designs with diyabest diwali rangoli designs images,diwali rangoli best designs,beautiful rangoli designs,simple diwali rangoli designs in home…
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Rangoli is an integral part of the dazzling celebrations of Diwali. The age-old tradition is a fascinating art which requires a high amount of meticulousness, artistic sense, and creativity.  Rangoli designs for Diwali freehand to refer this page to your friends and relations and include them in the joyous festivity. The Rangoli designs are passed down through generations, with some of them being hundreds of years old. Though the designs vary in different sections of India, the basic approach is common. diwali rangoli designs with flowers The designs are geometric and proportioned. One can also mix rice flour with white stone powder for a better preparation. Happy Diwali 2016 rangoli designs with peacock The powder is usually taken in a pinch and applied with the thumb and the forefinger. Diwali rangoli designs with divas, happy Diwali rangoli designs, and images, best pictures of Diwali rangoli designs, simple Diwali rangoli designs free download images of Diwali rangoli designs Diwali rangoli designs freehand

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Now it’s time to fill in the outline with rangoli powder, the most challenging part of the whole exercise. Pick up some powder with your thumb and index finger and fill in the design by rubbing the two fingers together and sprinkling the powder on the floor. Take care to sprinkle the powder carefully; don’t let powders of two different colors merge with each other. Happy Diwali2018 rangoli designs pictures Rangoli can be done in any design, and any color, be it white or any pleasing combination from colored saw dust or different colored pulses and spices or colored rice or petals of different flowers. Decorate the entrance of your house, along the pathway, around the food display, at the place of worship. In this article, you’ll be seeing more than 100 of beautiful rangoli designs diwali rangoli designs in hd, happy diwali rangoli designs with colors,2016 latest diwali rangoli designs, images, pictures, adorable images of diwali rangoli designs, simple rangoli designs for the home. I know you are going to try some of these. But before moving to making designs you should how to start it, because safe starting leads to the safe ending. also see here deepavali rangoli designs, happy diwali rongali designs, rangoli designs with free hand,diwali rangoli designs for beginners. 

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Diwali the most awaited festival of lights which brings the brightness in the sky. The festival of lights is celebrated by entire Hindus Diwali rangoli designs for FB in the world and mostly in India. Here we keep adding Diwali rangoli designs freehand love Diwali facebook status quotes. Don’t hesitate to click on LIKE button if you like any facebook Diwali statuses. This Diwali I wish you get a lot of crackers but you don’t get a matchbox to lit them. Happy diwali 2018 rangoli designs with flowers Save the environment, so no to crackers. Happy Diwali Beautiful happy Diwali rangoli designs images pictures are hung on the walls and best diwali rangoli designs. Also visit Happy diwali rangoli designs simple, Deepavali designs with flowers, Diwali rangoli designs free…

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